Small Business

I served on a small business committee and find the way small business is treated as nothing but disgusting. Small business employs a major percentage of people and has also a high number of self-employed persons.

Without small business our country would crumble because it is these people who are the drivers of innovation. Small business people are better managers of capital and resources than big business and or government. They also contribute to tax revenues at a higher level on capital invested.

Who can be considered a small business? Many sole traders are small business people and so are small Pty Ltd companies. Such as the local trades person (plumber/electrician/gyprocker/carpenter) or the local shop owner such as a 7/11, Coffee shop, Cafe and so on. Many regional farmers are self-employed small business  people as are fishermen, taxi drivers, etc.

Small business owners and self-employed people do more work that other people, generate more tax revenue, are taxed higher and wear more burden that any other sector of the working public. Small business has lesser access to finance and funding and more often than not must or are forced to use the family home as their bank.

There needs to be a better deal for small business on all fronts and many of these are spoken about in other sections.