The recent proposal to approve the Adani mine has shown that Australia has learnt nothing. Our dig it up and ship it off policy and mentality is set and established in the 1900 century industrial age. Yes we need mining industries but it is imperative that we seek value adding to that. To have an innovation program that is usurped by our need for mining projects is simply stupid.

In fact we need to protect and hold some of our resources for the future and this is relevant given the decline of used resources around the world. This is especially apparent as we move into a world of renewables. There will be an increasing decrease on demand for iron ore as well as a price drop and subsequently a drop in coal requirements and price. There will also be a decrease in the use of power coal again because of the movement on renewables.

Precious metals will always remain needed for the foreseeable future therefore mining of these is required. However the coal and iron ore industries are on a path not dissimilar to that of the dinosaur.