The NBN, rail and roads are simply disastrous and there is a lack of foresight into future infrastructure projects. For example I will use two projects in my area:

Desalination was attempted at a cost of nearly $2b and failed within months of it establishment due to poor research, quality control and contract administration… my understanding is that similar projects in NSW and Victoria have has the same if not similar problems.

Light Rail has been lauded a success when in fact it has been a total failure based on use versus cost relative to its impact on traffic and other matters. It was touted that it would have been much more effective to introduce a sky rail. However the feasibility was obviously slanted toward the contractor and suppliers who promoted the light rail (Tram) system. What a shambles…what was really needed was a rail line from Murwillumbah in New South Wales to Varsity Lakes where the line stops in Queensland. The Gold coast could have been much better serviced by smaller buses.

Infrastructure water projects and research on how to make these and this resource work better is of paramount importance to what is the driest country on the planet. Power needs to be treated exactly the same. Roads and arterial transport projects need to be researched and implemented especially with the development of Electric cars and Hydrogen based vehicles… By 2030 it I said that Petrol will be considered a transport resource of the past, replaced by renewables. And that by 2050 up to 50% of cars, buses, and trucks will be using renewables. For example China already has more than 100 million electric motor cycles and has the fastest developing electric vehicle industry in the world. It has been on this path since the early 1990's.

The NBN is a talking point daily… it is unfathomable why the entire project wasn’t rolled out as fibre and delivered regionally as WIFI. The implementation of 4G and development of 5G has made the NBN in its current form redundant already. Correct administration and research were not done on this initially by the Labor government and then followed up by a lack of determination to correct the failure and simply go on by the Liberal government. $120B has or will be spent as the cost of something that will need constant upgrading, eventually to fibre…why not do it right at the beginning.