Farming & Agriculture

As unbelievable as it sounds we are destroying what farming property we have and need to stop farming in some areas. Fracking is discussed in an independent section.  The environment is also discussed in another area.

However we need to look at how we are treating our food source and who we are letting in on our own markets. Costly lowering of tariffs and free trade contract deals need to be reviewed for their effect on our own growers and markets. Our attitude to farming and agriculture needs to change.

Most farmers are small business people but they are also the people who feed us… meat, chicken, pork, lamb, wheat & grains, fruit and vegetables. These people are not Coles or Woolworths they are the people who supply healthy produce that is sold at Coles and Woolworths.  They need special consideration and treatment given what they do.  Often their lives are more difficult, their situation unique and what they do is a benefit to us all. They need financing, assistance with production, water assistance and the ability to get their valuable product to markets…us.