Our education system and the results of education are simply farcical. Outcomes and relevance seem to be overlooked by catchphrases and slogans pushing education.  For years now we have been battling with other cultures whose outcomes from education are better than ours. Education is one area where maybe a back to the future approach is applicable.

There are enough teachers but far too many are serving in administrative capacity or are on the edge of the industry or employed incorrectly.  There is a direct link between education and the rest of our lives… our job, our contribution to society, our well-being even.  Education is a life-long process.

The Gonski report has in some capacity been hijacked in that it is not true that simply throwing more money at Education will increase sound outcomes. However we do have a moral responsibility to assist students who are facing difficulties. Tutor based programs are a must in schools.

There is far too much push toward tertiary education and not enough toward trade skills or technical skills. Not everyone needs or wants a degree for employment and or a career.

There is a need for more skills based training and development of careers based education systems. Many TAFE programs deliver incredible outcomes in this field however this has been outshone by the recent collapse of many deliverers of English and other subsidised courses. This is more a failure of government (both Liberal and Labor) spanning the last 5-6 years in administering programs correctly.

Again small business and medium business can be a driver of one of the greatest education revolution/evolutions but it is not given a chance. Education is not just about going to school it is about developing yourself or your employer taking an interest in you developing as an employee. On this basis I would look at a government funded program for advancing Adult Employees.