The problems surrounding health appear almost insurmountable at this point especially given that those who provide health (Doctors and Nurses) are not given a substantial voice in the debate. I constantly hear about a lack of beds, a lack of doctors and lack of nurses and areas of health that are poorly funded ….mental health and the PBS. Now the government wants to take way diagnostic tools such as blood test. Australians are being ripped off, there is no other way of putting it!

Medicare waste alone is $20B per annum. You can read the article on this in Policy and statements.

Pre-condition measures are not being looked at as a part of medicine and over medication is prevalent along with a society that goes to the doctor for a common cold or has to be taken to the doctor for drunken violence. Health starts at school and yes there are schools programs but they are not transitional or life-long undertakings.

Lifestyle seems not to be getting through a message to many… from my understanding Australians are getting fatter and fatter. Fast food is not just a part of life it has taken over our lives. Our children are among the most obese if the worst on the planet.  This is about poor choices (pre-condition measures) and a lack of education on life style.

Pre-condition measures are things like… do you smoke or do you drink excessively, do you exercise and take care of your health. There needs to be a debate in this country around “it’s your body take care of it!” genuine illness deserved medical attention but stupidity as regard to your health… pay a premium by way of higher insurance cost, not at the public systems cost.

As a society we are over medicated and seek a doctor’s appointment if we stub a toe or get a cold… we need to grow up and stop taking so many pills… ask your doctor what the pills are for he/she is prescribing and do you really need them.

Taking responsibility for your own actions needs to become a part of our medical and health system as much as it is for anything else in life. 

The PBS system is in a shambles… people are treated like numbers when their need is greatest. Why are some drugs cheaper than others and why is one condition more important than another? I have spoken with people who have a serious or terminal illness that is curable where medication is available but not to them in Australia. There simply seems to be no reasoning behind some of this other than numbers.  It shows just how far we haven’t come!

Lastly, we have the highest retirement age in the world and this can only be a detriment to life style and longevity. We also have some of the hardest working people … yet our death rate at a younger age is relatively high. Is higher retirement age a contributor to this? I am not advocating anything… however there is an up-side to lowering this by 2-3 years…more jobs for young people!